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PostSubject: Curses   Curses I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 12:23 pm

In some cases prior warning is part of the curse itself, and weakens a person due to fear. Ceremonial or martial curses are more organized and effective than your chaotic variety of projected hate/rage, which can do a lot of harm in itself, and far more harm if under a complex type of program directive. The garden variety curses, even organized garden variety ones (amateur magic) can be addressed far easier than the organized master curses, which are very much like physical attacks on the essence of a person and the energy that makes up their healthy presence in life.

A person doesn't have to specifically belief in curses or the dogma behind any particular occult expression of such because the crux of a curse is the vibration, which need not be consciously even considered as a curse. A true curse, however, usually combines a vibration that is emotional with the mental intention of manifesting harm in some way. Depending on the karma of the victim, it can be temporary or perpetual, unless diffused.

I' been the target of curses, and have known people who do this habitually or occasionally. Some of these are relatives. I've had some major ones thrown at me that set me back (while in reality making me stronger in having to deal with them), and have had and maybe still have people obsessed with me so that they sustain a focus of ill wishing upon my person for years now. My growth is in proportion to overcoming this accumulated malaise, from several directions. It is not a matter of belief, but vibratory receptivity. A curse resonates with an existing karmic vulnerability. One way toward curse prevention is addressing your karmic vulnerabilities before they magnetize something like a curse. Prevention is far easier than cure, but still challenging. The difference between feeling sick after a vaccination and actually getting the disease.

Cure is not guaranteed success, for it is far easier to destroy than to create. On the other hand, healing from a curse rarely bodes well for the one cursing because the causality shifts from the target's karma to the perpetrator's and they become perp and target in one. I don't curse per se, because I do not have the necessary hatred to throw on. I do take countermeasures when negativity is thrown at me, which at this point in my inner work is more like a shifting weather pattern than being in the line of fire, even if people represent the vibrations.

Remorse does not only cancel a curse, but can reverse it upon you. People with a guilty conscience cannot curse. You have to usually feel either cold alienation toward the target or aggressive hatred. It can be personal, impersonal or even a power high some people pursue. Like I said, however, you can counter-curse without cursing or incurring backlash. The idea is to find what the curse is targeting and set up a counter vibration while strengthening your psychic immune system. The psychic immune system is what keeps us from resonating with the passing whims and wills of everyone around us. Few have a strong immune system.

Certain mantras are very effective because they work on two parallel levels of reality simultaneously: the level of external events and energies and the level of personal karma and psychic immunity, which includes inner growth.

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