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 Quater Calls - Full Moon

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Quater Calls - Full Moon Empty
PostSubject: Quater Calls - Full Moon   Quater Calls - Full Moon I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 11:39 am


Air (East)

Springs from plants
Surrounds the Earth
Spreads clouds
Lifts wings
Stirs minds
Fills lungs
and molds our voices.
From the East, we welcome you.
Everyone says: Powers of Air, Welcome.

Fire (South)

Consumes the sun
Melts the Earth
Sparks energies
Stirs passions
Lights visions
Transforms food
and lures sprouts from seeds.
From the South, we welcome you.
Everyone says: Powers of Fire, Welcome.

Water (West)

Falls from the sky
Cleans the Earth
Fills oceans
Wets wombs
Quenches thirst
Cools air
and lifts sap to the leaves.
From the West, we welcome you.
Everyone says: Powers of Water, Welcome.

Earth (North)

Preserves our seed
Transforms leaves
Lifts mountains
Cradles the past
Feeds life
Roots spirits
and cushions our feet.
From the North, we welcome you.
Everyone says: Powers of Earth, Welcome.

Spirit (Center)

Infuses all life
Values our visions
Protects hope
Spans space
Dances dreams
Inspires knowledge
and knits us together.
From the Center, we welcome you.
Everyone says: Powers of Spirit, Welcome.

Opening the Circle (as the candles are extinguished)

Powers of Spirit, go with joy.
Powers of Earth, go with care.
Powers of Water, go with clarity.
Powers of Fire, go with love.
Powers of Air, go with peace.
Until we meet again.

Quater Calls - Full Moon Loyaltykm2
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Quater Calls - Full Moon
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