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 Chakra repair

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PostSubject: Chakra repair   Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:46 am

Right i came up with this concept when i was cleansing myself of the negativity which effect you on the deepest of levels, in the process i notice a fracture, if you will, on my heart chakra, so in my thought process this was the way i devised of repairing it (obviously can be done with any chakra)

Get relaxed and in a meditative state, open up your heart chakra and visualise the heart charka mandala( find an image on the web or where ever), on this mandala see the damage effecting it. Make sure you build the image up in full detail, take your time.

Next, reach out with your mind and slowly take apart the mandala piece by piece working inwards, as it the pieces dissolve into nothingness, feel the effects of the damage slowly ebbing away.

When the mandala is gone, rebuild it, starting inwards and going outwards, do this slowly and carefully remembering to put the details in exactly.

Once the mandala is complete, push out with your energy and activate the mandala and bind it with your heart chakra, slowly come round and and take your time in getting back to reality. Once fully back clap your hands or make a sing of being back. Take your time to recover

blessed be LadyO
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Chakra repair
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