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 Crystal/gemstone therapy

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PostSubject: Crystal/gemstone therapy   Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:37 am

Using crystals in the context of healing has a very long history(primitive paintings dating back to 25,000 BC). Evidence shows that theancient Egyptians used crystals for therapeutic purposes. Lapis Lazuli,a beautiful blue stone with freckles of "Fools Gold" Pyrite, was grounddown and rubbed onto the eyelids to prevent eye infections from thesandy deserts, is one such example. Blue eye shadow is far more datedthan the 1960's! It is also believed that the ancient lostcivilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria also understood the healingproperties of crystals. In more recent times, crystals have foundresurgence in popularity. People are buying crystals for theiraesthetic qualities, dabbling in the beliefs that they will bring themlove, prosperity and healing.

Crystals are very powerful energy systems and, when used in a treatmentby a qualified practitioner, can be harnessed to bring about profoundhealing benefits both physically, mentally and emotionally. It has beenlong known and recognised by scientists that crystals have a "charge".They have been used in technology for this very property for years,such as in computers, watches and televisions. In fact, we would nothave technology without them.

Through my own theorising I have come to understand the way crystalscan bring about healing. All living (and 'non-living') things vibrateto certain frequencies. We're taught at school that atoms are inconstant motion, so this idea is not alien to us. Crystals have a pureenergy due to their regulatory lattice structure. When the vibrationsof these crystals come into contact with our own vibration, they willaffect our vibration in much the same way as we experience sound waves.When an individual is out of balance, the crystals pure vibrations willchange our own vibration, and bring the imbalance closer to harmony.

These ideas rest on the assumption that the world is made of differingfrequencies of energy. The physical world is made from very densefrequencies which is why we can see them. Other energies such asmicrowaves, radio-waves, sound-waves and radiation are frequencies ofenergy that are less dense and so we cannot ordinarily see them. Aroundphysical objects there is a frequency of energy that we do notordinarily see, scientifically known as the electromagnetic energyfield, or aura. It is in these layers of energy around animal and humanbodies that are thought by many, for thousands of years, to containemotions, thoughts and our connection with the universe. Scientificresearch is now finding ways to show this to be true.

In a crystal treatment, crystals are placed around, on and over theclient. The treatment may be seated or lying down; the removal ofclothing is unnecessary. There are many different treatments that canbe used for specific illness and ailments, and a practitioner may adaptthese to tailor for the needs of the individual.

Specific treatments that I have been taught through the Vantol Collegeof Crystal Therapy help with symptoms such as; the common cold,migraines, lethargy, depression, blood sugar disorders such asdiabetes, high/low blood pressure, kidney and urinary conditions,reproductive issues including fertility conditions and menstrualimbalances, ear and sinus problems and general detoxification andcleansing of the body system. I have personally found crystal therapyto be very powerful in my emotional and spiritual development.

Before a treatment commences, the client or recipient will be requiredto give some personal information about their physical health, whichwill be the basis of the decision as to the course of treatments, andindeed whether a treatment should be given or not. A treatment usuallylasts about an hour, in which time the recipient may have manydifferent sensations arising such as emotions, physical sensations, ormental images. It is not unusual, however, for a client not to feelanything, just very relaxed.

The best way to find a qualified Crystal Therapist is to contact theCrystal Healing Federation, or the British Crystal Healers. You canfind these organisations through the Vantol College website; Practitioner's who have been trained to thestandards met by these organisations, two years of training being oneof them, are entitled to register with the NHS Directory. You can thenbe sure that you are being treated by someone who has a sound knowledgeof crystals and their affects.
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Crystal/gemstone therapy
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