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 Sound and Quartz Crystals

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PostSubject: Sound and Quartz Crystals   Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:33 am

As living entities each crystals have theirown vibratory rate and their own signature, the vibration of crystal ascorrespond to a sound, most of those sounds can't be perceived by thephysical ears of Man.

Thevibration of a crystal is based on its shape, size and structure. Bysounding into a crystal you can create a resonance with it. Soundingdifferent sacred sound (Mantras) can be used in clearing crystals of imbalanced energies. The sound of Tingsha(Tibetan bells) and crystals bowls is also able to clear energies fromimbalance, a crystal bowl made of silicon dioxide produce a pure tonethat is very beneficial with the proper intention and concentration,any bowl can balance any chakra.

Thenew energies available on the planet make it possible with crystalsinging to create an axiatonal grid of energy around you and otherpeople, this very effective for learning about the new energy.

Simple Sound Exercise :

Puta crystal in each of the four directions surrounding you. Visualize acrystal underneath you and over your head as you sit or stand in thecenter with a necklace place a crystal on your throat chakra. Do some slow deep breaths in and out to calm and center yourself, alternate nostril breathing is also a good technique. Closeyour eyes and find the note that is easiest and most comfortable foryou you to sing that will be your key note. Sing your key note and payattention to the effect on your chakras. Concentrate on the kind ofenergy that this sound seem to summon. Pay attention to the emotional response you get from singing your key note. Notice the if you are getting new impressions such as images or feelings. Do you feel heal ? Do you feel you have more energies ? Experiment with different rhythms, change of tone.
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Sound and Quartz Crystals
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