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PostSubject: Grounding   Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:59 am

I like to start this thread by saying there are many different techniques of grounding the one I am posting here is the simplest for those starting out in meditation or for keeping them self in the here and now.

This was taught to me years ago before I moved into the practice Hermetics, and Magick

The fist thing to do is either standing or sitting comfortable and getting relaxed but focused imagine that there are roots extending from the base of the spine down through the legs through the bottoms of the feet with each exhalation like the roots of a tree going deeper and deeper into the earth.

Feel you legs and your body becoming heavier as the roots connect to the Earth Mother Earth

This probably he easiest technique to learn as one progresses the techniques for grounding will become more advanced as you find and move towards the path that you choose as you choose certain techniques will be taught and more experiences will be gained.

I guess the main reason for grounding is the same reason that the electricity is grounded in the house the current would be all over the place and all would be shocked

If we didn't ground before and or after the energies that we raise would stay in the body and could cause psychological effects on the person distort the equilibrium of the body.

The grounding gives the energy a path to flow in from the crown the head through the body out the feet to earth.

To see the effects of electricity in it's rawest form see a live wire laying on the ground and snapping and flopping on the ground this is some what the same effect on a lesser scale that happens inside the body and puts the body out of kilter to some aspect and some practitioners will tell you to correct this is to hug a tree or put your back against the tree

Other techniques can be used in the shower or bath as the water in the shower is flowing over the body and into the drain and connecting to the earth this way.

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