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 Chakra med

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PostSubject: Chakra med   Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:12 am

The chakra med

sitting comfortably imagine roots growing out your toes and going in to the ground, watch as they go through the concrete and through the gravel and through the soil. At the bottom of the ground u will see a large quartz crystal, wrap your roots around the crystal and pull the energy from the crystal up through your roots. pull the energy up all the way through to your legs , up to your tummy, up to your throat, up to your 3rd eye and to your crown chakra, let it keep growing till it comes out the top of your head see the energy go up to the ceiling, up to the roof, up to the sky, up to the universe now see the brightest star and wrap the energy around the star, now were going to pull the light through to our chakras , allow the light to travel down to the sky, down to the roof and down to the ceiling, down to the top of your head ,and through to your grown chakra now take the light and the energy to your root chakra(base) and see the energy and light mix together and form a scowling pad, watch as the light turns red as it cleans and cleanses , now see the light move up to your sacral (just below your belly button) see the colour change to orange, watch as it cleans and cleanses as it swirls, now move the light up to your solar plexus(below the rib cage) watch as the light turns to yellow watch as it swirls as it cleans and cleanses,, now move the light up to your heart chakra watch as the light turns green as it cleans and cleanses. move it up to your throat chakra and see the light turn blue, watch as it swirls as it cleans and cleanses, now move up to your 3rd eye chakra, watch the light turn to indigo, see it swirl as it cleans and cleanses, move the light to the crown chakra, see the light change to violet, watch as it swirls as it cleans and cleanses. now weÂ’re going to let go of the light, unwrap the light from the star and allow it to travel back down to your tummy unwrap the energy from the crystal and allow it to travel back to your tummy allow the light and energy to turn in to a candle flame, watch as this gets dimmer and dimmer till it disappears. Now choosing a flower of your choice, watch as the petals open up starting from your root to your crown, when you have finished your workings see the petals close. YouÂ’re now grounded and your chakras are now clear of any blockages.
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PostSubject: Re: Chakra med   Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:35 am

Note that some chakras will begin to spin easier than others if at one Chara it is extremely difficult don't force it take what is given stop there and continue another day for the beginner this meditation will take some time to fully complete but once the chakras beging to spin it will become easier and easier

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Chakra med
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