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 Woodland Stone

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PostSubject: Woodland Stone   Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:57 am

Growing crystals, whether it be mineral or something you have done with incense, can be a very rewarding experience. what better way to consecrate an alter of similar material than to grow crystals in a container connected to the other material, elements spiraling up geometrically in each facet, according to crystal structure. I have a book on this, and all crystals have a differant structure, with elemental geometry abounding.
i have a book on protein crystallization I accidently bought, it is still interesting but it details how to make crystals out of protein, not how to crystallize protein, like I thought. anyone contact me if you are interested in buying this book.
sigma-aldrich is a god source for advanced research textbooks and chemicals. I have always wanted to make layered mineral electrolysis jars layered with all differant chemicals, and set these, plugged in to the wall, in indoor plants, and geological altars. electrobotany is one thing and this might refine it a bit.
I am actualy in the process of establishing an esoteric spiritual order that includes many earth projects like this above described with an ultimate goal of a magnetic grid and a supreme commander (I will never live to see this, as the founder).
I wonder how many local minerals can be crystallized. like if you could take stone and make crystal out of it with a chemical wash and a crystallization. My friend works at a concrete quarry and although he has brought me crystal before, I always tell him to let me know if they find anything (quarry is in old gold and silver mining area) to let me know because I want to sell it to witches before his boss does something with it. it would be cool to make a treatment plant that turns all their concrete rock mix to crystal that would vary in appearance according to the rock from which it was taken. any ideas?

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Woodland Stone
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