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 Coven Rules

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PostSubject: Coven Rules   Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:44 am

List of Covens are located here:

Covens are groups of spell casters who gather together for a common purpose. They are led by either a High Priestess or a High Priest, or in some cases both.

If you're looking to create a coven, just pm me or post your application in the Looking for a coven topic, and I'll look forward to it, and you will have your own forum for your coven. The forum will still be viewable by other members

If your looking to join a specific coven, go have a look around and find one that best suits you. If it doesn't matter what coven your in, or if you can't chose what coven you want to join, perhaps you should consider posting your application in the Looking For A Coven Topic. Doing so will get the attention of the covens here and will most likely lead to your recruitment into one of them.

Posting your application is a quick a simple process. Just follow these steps and you'll be all set. Once you have it all filled out, post it here in this topic. Don't make a new topic for it! Wait for the offers to come your way. Once you've joined a coven, please edit your application post to let everyone know that your not available anymore. If you wish to recruit someone from here, send them a Personnal Message. Don't spam up the topic with recruitment offers. Send them a PM!

Please Post your Application At the Looking For A Coven Topic.

Username - This is your name here on the site.

Age - Pretty self explanatory. How old you are.

Time Zone
- Some covens only recruit people who are in a specific time zone or in a range of time zones. This makes it easier to organize meets.

How Often Do You Visit the site
- How often do you come here? Do you come here every hour, every day, once a week, once a month? Tell us.

Any Previous Covens You've Been In - Have you been in any covens before? If so, which ones? Previous covens can be from either here or some other place.

How Can You Contribute To A Coven- This is your chance to shine. How can you make yourself useful to a coven? Make sure to post everything, regardless of how small it is. Anything can help.

Tell Us About Yourself - Tell everyone about yourself. What you like to do, favourite pasttimes, what country you live in, ect.. This will help people to get to know you which will improve your chances of getting into a coven

Anything Else - If there was something that wasn't covered in this application that you want people to know, add it.

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Coven Rules
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