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 Replenishing waters of the Serpent (rejuvenation)

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PostSubject: Replenishing waters of the Serpent (rejuvenation)   Sat Sep 26, 2009 4:54 pm

Spring Water
Sun Light of the Dawn of a Sunday
Mint Leaves

Gather the spring water into a jar and place 6 grams of suger into the water, and pour some honey not too much not too little but decide how much you want so then crush up the freshly cut mint leaves in a pestle and morter and simply ad some spring water whilst doing it and then pour into the mix. Heat this mixture and stir in a pan for 1 min or soo it bubles/honey suger disolves then pour into a see through glass bottle and as dawn aproches place it were it will recive the most sun light of the sunday morning.

This is a very powerful mix it rejuvenates heals and more but its also good for keeping energy levels up.

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Replenishing waters of the Serpent (rejuvenation)
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