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PostSubject: Cleansing/Smudging   Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:11 pm


Smudging can be done through two methods that I know of.
1) A smudge stick, for a proper smudging this would require one stick of each herb or one tightly packed stick with all the proper herbs mixed in.
2) A smudging bowl, in which you would put all the herbs you wish to use. Remember, if you choose this method, that the bowl must be capable of holding a large amount of heat for at least 15min and preferably longer then that.

Either way, fire is needed. The goal is to get the smoke from the herbs into every corner of the smudge zone (area that you are smudging). To push the smoke from either one you can use a fan, many Native Americans used feather fans, or to control the smoke from the stick you can simply move it into the spot you want the smoke in.

Herbs include;

Sage- An herb for repelling evil, healing chi-wounds (or flaws in energy flow), and for relaxation purposes. Sage is a required ingredient for a proper smudge, and can also be smoked to purify your body.

Sweet Grass- An herb used for inviting good spirits and energy, relaxing the body, and bringing a good mood. Sweet Grass, as it turns out, is also appealing to evil spirits so it is vital that Sage is either burned at the same time or burned before the Sweet Grass.

Lavender- An herb used for inducing peace, aiding in Astral Projection, and calming both the mind and the spirit.

Tobacco- An herb used as an offering to spirits, helping the other herbs burn by scattering/pressing it around them, and adding density to the smudge-smoke.

Ceder Bark- A bark used for cleaning or purifying a place, bringing protection from evil, and enhancing/elongating the affects of Sage.

I would recommend using all five plants if you can, but Sage and Sweet Grass is all that's really needed. Just remember to burn the Sage BEFORE the Sweet Grass, otherwise you invite both good and evil before banishing evil and the evil you first invite may try to get rid of the good before they have to leave.

I also recommend keeping a little bit of each plant with you at all times if you can. The Native Americans would carry their plants and stones in a medicine bag, if you can get one of those that would work. I have a medicine bag that I put on my belt and the advantage of that is whenever I go somewhere that I don't want people knowing I have a medicine bag in I can put it in my pocket. If you get the kind that you wear around your neck you can tuck it into your shirt, but that can leave a bulge which may lead to questions.

Smoking any of the plants besides Sage is not advised because they can really mess up both your lungs and your brain.
When smoking Sage remember to only take it into your mouth, hold it for a few seconds, and then let it out. Sage, unlike other smoking products, is not meant for the lungs.

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