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 Tattwa Vision

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PostSubject: Tattwa Vision   Tattwa Vision I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2009 2:01 am

Tattwa vision is a way of exploring the deeper meanings of the magickal elements. Using the elements is one of the fist things we read about when looking through magickal books. And I myself started with simple corner calling. We use the physical representations of salt, incense, candles and water and know the elemental weapons associated with each one. But what do they really mean?? What is the more spiritual side of these forces which flow trough out the universe?

The Tattwa’s are eastern symbols. They are simple geometric shapes with no fine details. The visions which result from scrying these symbols are primal. They show the elements in there true form if you will and by looking deeper into them and understanding them on that level. You will find your work with them more in tune as you will understand them at there root.

The symbols of the Tattwa are as followed.

Prithivi/ earth: Yellow square

Apas/ water: Silver crescent

Vayu/ air: blue circle

Tejas/fire: red triangle

Akasha/ Spirit: Black ovoid

Also it is possible to scry the sub elements if you will. This will show you how the elements react and balance with each other. For example the Akasha of Tejas would be a red triangle on a black back ground and so forth. Also by looking at the sub elements you can gain a higher level of understanding then use working with the 5 undifferentiated.

To begin with you will need card with the symbol painted or drawn upon. Be sure to use good strong colours so it draws your attention. Also something to write the result down.

Whether something happens or not I find it very useful to record everything I do as then I can look back for future reference. Also a blank wall (preferably white or of a neutral colour) or a large white sheet pinned up and somewhere quiet and comfortable where you can work undisturbed for a while.

The general method is as followed.

First of all clear your space of working. I tend to use the LBRP but we all have our own ways of clearing space. Place the symbol at eye level in front of you at the appropriate elemental quarter or you can hang them up on the wall if possible.

Sit facing the symbol and concentrate on it. Do not strain yourself to focus and do not let your attention wonder another way of putting it is relaxed and alert at the same time

When you feel ready, switch your gaze over to the blank wall or sheet and transfer the image over to it in its complementary colour (see list below).

Red-apple green


Yellow –Purple

Black-white (but see it as the white light you would get from a lamp bulb)

Silver- Ive always seen it as black.

The next part of the process takes it a step further. Once you are able to transfer the colours from card to wall and you are fully happy with this you can begin to use visualisation, changing the original colour into it complementary one using the minds eye.

Next close your eyes and visualise the complementary image in your mind and enlarge it to the size of a door.

See yourself passing through this symbolic door and entering into the elemental/astral plane. To begin with stay close to your doorway but as you practice more go further out and explore.

When you decide to return, make sure you leave exactly the way you entered, pass through the doorway and shrink the symbol back to normal size, open your eyes and what I like to do is just a ritual gesture(e.g. a clap) to show I’ve finished and to bring me round a bit faster.

End with clearing the space again.

I really hope this helps (and makes sense….). Also the Tattwa take a fair amount of hard work and discipline but its well worth it to achieve a greater understanding.
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Tattwa Vision
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