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 Looking for a coven

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PostSubject: Looking for a coven   Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:41 am

List of Covens are located here:

Post your application here if you want to create or join a coven.

Use this format -

Looking For A Coven/Creating A Coven

Username - This is your name here on the site.

Age - Pretty self explanatory. How old you are.

Time Zone- Some covens only recruit people who are in a specific time zone or in a range of time zones. This makes it easier to organize meets.

How Often Do You Visit the site - How often do you come here? Do you come here every hour, every day, once a week, once a month? Tell us.

Any Previous Covens You've Been In - Have you been in any covens before? If so, which ones? Previous gangs can be from either here or some other place.

How Can You Contribute To A Coven- This is your chance to shine. How can you make yourself useful to a coven? Make sure to post everything, regardless of how small it is. Anything can help.

Tell Us About Yourself - Tell everyone about yourself. What you like to do, favourite pasttimes, what country you live in, ect.. This will help people to get to know you which will improve your chances of getting into a coven

Anything Else - If there was something that wasn't covered in this application that you want people to know, add it here!

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PostSubject: Looking for a Coven   Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:25 am

Looking For A Coven

Username - The one listed that posted this.

Age - 17

Time Zone- GMT 5:00 Eastern Atlantic

How Often Do You Visit the site - Once every other day.

Any Previous Covens You've Been In - Oh my o.k.... a list from latest to oldest activity
Deep Arts
Guild of Mages
Higher Magicks
Spirit Seers
Raven's Gate
Council of Earna
The Path of the Shaman
Second Sight
Twisted Croix (website)
Black Cross
The Obscure Blaze
Black Twilight
Penta Magick
Dragon Magick
Teen Witches (And just recently am still apart of their Armadel Magick School)
This all has happened over the past... more than 5 years, don't think I'm coven hopping, I am actually in more than 5 covens right now at once.

How Can You Contribute To A Coven- Ugh alrighty.
*I'm good at pulling my weight and keeping active in certain covens I feel need me or at least someone to do just that.
*I have rather good leadership skills and am good at understanding problems that may occur and usually how to solve them.
*I have over 10 years' studying in magick in general
*About 8 or 9 years practicing
* I am more than willing to contribute when I have the right motivation (I don't hate the coven Leader) it has happened.
*A whole butt load of spells that I may or may not add, personally I don't like looking at other covens' spell books for obvious reasons regarding the fact that I belong to about 20 (exageration)
*I have issues with lieng and plagiarizing so no worries about my lessons, they are all mine and I will do with them as I please.
*I am a Priestess myself and I know how it can be with hateful and ingrateful members so don't expect disrespect out of me unless you ask for it. I will speak up for myself but I know how to do that without causing more havoc than I originally needed meaning, I can control myself.
*I can give a good bit of guidance, especially to newer coven leaders that have a bit of cold feet (they are so cute)
*And, I like to write a lot so no one will get too bored

Tell Us About Yourself - You want to know about me look at my profile or read half of what I just wrote.

Anything Else - I'm nutty and usually easy to get along with.

Just as we thought it was hideous, we fell back in awe.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a coven   Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:19 pm

Looking For A Coven/Creating A Coven

Username - AnnMarie2479

Age - Pretty self explanatory. 32

Time Zone- MST.

How Often Do You Visit the site - 1-2 times a day at least

Any Previous Covens You've Been In - No

How Can You Contribute To A Coven- I have a willingness to learn and to help others learn as well.

Tell Us About Yourself - I am a mother of 4 my oldest is 10 and my youngest is 5 months, I have been reading up on Wicca for about a year now, and I want to learn everything I can, I want to meet up with fellow Wiccans/Witches to help me learn as much as possible so I can offer more.

Anything Else- once I learn the way I can contribute all of myself to the coven

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a coven   Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:00 am

[quote="illspirit"]List of Covens are located here:

Looking For A Coven/Creating A Coven

Username - PirateSpirit

Age - 21

Time Zone- Pacific

How Often Do You Visit the site - this is the first time but i will be visiting frequently

Any Previous Covens You've Been In - Ive never been in a coven before

How Can You Contribute To A Coven- I am a new student of witchcraft and have nothing to offer at the moment but I learn quickly and would like to have a teacher

Tell Us About Yourself - I am a young student that has never had a teacher or coven and would like to further my knowledge. I have never had a teacher or coven and wish to be tought further and would like to join a coven.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a coven   

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Looking for a coven
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