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 Movies & TV, Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Movies & TV, Rules and Guidelines   Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:49 pm


Welcome to the Movies & TV section! This is the place for discussion on everything related to the current film and television industries; from your collection of movies to information about actors, actresses and upcoming films.

::The Rules::


Obviously, not every topic posted has already been discussed. But, it doesn't take long to perform a quick search to see if it has. After that use your judgement on whether or not a new topic is needed. Is there a new trailer? New, massive information? If so, look at how big the previous topic was and how old it is. Older than a few months should usually give you a good enough reason to post a new topic. And in the end, if you are still doubting yourself, PM me.


As stated at the top, this section is dedicated to current formats. And yes, that means no LaserDiscs. Don't even mention older formats, nobody is interested and it alienates others from the discussion. DVDs and Blu-ray all the way.

Reporting Posts

I know this is covered in other sections, but if someone posts a spam topic, don't reply. Report it straight away and I or one of the Moderators will deal with it.

Bumping Topics

If you posted last in a topic but want to bump it, please leave a minimum of two days (that's 48 hours) before doing so. Also, only bump the topic if you feel that your post will garner more discussion than the post that is already there. As mentioned in the Searching section, a new trailer or piece of information is definitely a good reason for bumping a topic.


Piracy is illegal. It is also a bannable offence to talk about it on these forums. Therefore, even hinting at piracy and warez will be taken very seriously. Moderators will be contacted and involved.

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Movies & TV, Rules and Guidelines
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