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 Beltane Ritual

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PostSubject: Beltane Ritual   Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:07 am

At this time it is appropriate if you wish to do a maypole dance to go ahead to this section on erecting the pole and doing the dance. If the dance is to be done at another time, then go straight on to the lighting of the Bel fires.)

HPS - Before we begin this glorious age old dance of the maypole, it is customary to bless and consecrate both the pole, which is the representation of the God's regenerative life force, the phallus, and the earth, which represents the fertility of the Goddess, the vagina.


(dig the hole now if it is not already there.)

(pour a libation of oil or wine into the hole)

Earth Mother, may this offering prepare you to receive this symbol of your consort, our Lord.


(the men bring the pole in, marching in a rhythmic manner, two steps forward, and rock one step back, as is usual in a courtship! It is also appropriate for them to grunt. They turn the pole over to the HPS)

Blessed be this tree, vehicle of our Lord, which shall soon enter our Mother the Earth.

(at this time all ladies come forward and rub the oil all over the pole, chanting is appropriate, as are other more suggestive sounds! Each person then comes forward and ties a ribbon to the end of the pole, the color of the ribbon should have significance to the person. The pole is then erected into the earth, with as much flourish and noises as is deemed appropriate to those present.)

This is a time for joy and a time for sharing. The richness of the soil accepts the seed, and now is the time that seeds should be spilled. Togetherness brings joy and abundance fills the Earth. Let us celebrate the planting of abundance. All of you friends look upon the pole, seeing in your mind's eye the pure life force rising through it from the earth, blossoming overhead, and cascading down through us...flowing out from us to the Lady's world beyond...Look...and see Life!

(start the music, and dance the maypole! For directions, see the intro file)


(can now light the Bel fires)

HP - Now, as in ages past, it is the pleasure of the Lord who longs for the touch of His Lady, to light the Bel fire, as a signal to all, that this is the season of Beltane! Tis spring now, and the time for all of field and forest to be fertile!

(he lights the fire, and the HPS comes up to him holding a long green scarf)

HPS - Now, as in ages past, it is the pleasure of the Lady to arouse the passions of the Lord, to cause the sap in the trees to rise, to cause the very breath of the earth to sigh in anticipation!

(she teases him with the scarf)

Come, my Lord, and let us be together once again!

(she drops the scarf at his feet and quickly walks or runs away, not too fast. The HP picks up the scarf and follows her, she does not allow him to catch her too quickly, and if possible, other young ladies block his way. Finally after traversing the circle at least 3 times, he catches her and they kiss.)

(the HPS then hands the scarf to another young lady, who goes around the circle till she sees a man she likes, and drops the scarf at his feet, he then chases her in the same manner. This can go on as long as wanted.)

(Can do the Great Rite now, or after jumping the fire.)

HP - The Bel fires are a symbol also of purifying energy, and also the energy of the fertility of this season.

"Nine woods in the Bel fire go

Burn them fast and burn them slow"

Oak for the God

Birch for the Goddess

Fir for birth

Willow for death

Rowan for magick

Apple for love

Grapevine for joy

Hazel for wisdom

And Hawthorne for purity and for the May.

(at this time dance the spiral dance, chant, sing, and jump the fire.)

(can do the Great Rite now, if not done after the scarf chase.)


(face east)

Great Goddesses of all beginnings, Cybele, Astarte, Yameya, Isis. Grant that our beginnings be fertile and fruitful. The beauteous Sacred Queen in the full knowledge that times of joy shall return always, as lusty as before. Virgin Queen of the Sea, and of the desert, and rain, and of the deepest untouched forest. As you leave, fill our hearts with your light and love. Blessed Be.

(face south)

Great Goddesses of nurturing and fulfillment, Bridget, Demeter, Cerridwen, Diana. Grant us your patience and guiding wisdom. Both within and without, fill our souls with rebirth, that we may walk a little further, reach a little higher, that we may strive for the far horizon. Thou art the the cauldron of inspiration and the womb of the immortal mother, and as you leave, fill our hearts with light and love. Blessed Be.

(face west)

Great Gods of protection and virility, Osiris, Llew, Pan. Grant us your determination and bravery. Prince of twilight, pearl grey warrior, with a silver foot, go silently as long as the moon shall rise and the star shall turn. For we are ever a star, to us is given the secret of the Winged Flame. Oh, keeper of the Sacred Forest, as you leave, fill our hearts with light and love. Blessed Be.

(face north)

Great Gods of Death and Hunting, Cernunnos, Ra, and Herne. Grant us the promise of renewal, that through death we are reborn. You reign supreme within your lands. Give us fair woodlands and green fields, blossoming orchards and ripening fruits. Your seed that is sown in spring will become the flower of the harvest. As Nature flourishes, so also do we. All upon the Earth is at one with the Divine Union, the fruit of magick. As you leave, fill our hearts with light and love. Blessed Be.

(We have a simple prayer at this point which states that we have honored the Great Ones, your group can do something similar here, or skip right to dismissing the quarters.)


EAST - water

Hail to thee Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, the powers of water. We thank thee for the life- giving nourishment you have given to Mother Earth and the crops. Soft is the rain that gently falls upon the fields beneath, it patters down so gently that it hardly bends a leaf. We bid thee Hail and Farewell, as you depart to your mighty realms, and harm ye none on your way. So Mote It Be.

SOUTH - air

Hail to thee, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, the powers of air. We thank thee for life-giving breath, and the wings of our thoughts, wishes, and dreams. As you blow the staleness of winter away, help us fill our lungs with the freshness of clear skies and clear minds. We bid thee hail and Farewell, as ye depart to your mighty realms, and harm ye none on your way. So Mote It Be.

WEST - fire

Hail to thee, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, the powers of fire. We thank thee for the flame of passion, and the cleansing Balefire. Blessed warmth give comfort and brightness and strength. Though these flames of the material world be darkened, they shall ever burn in the worlds beyond. We bid thee Hail and Farewell, as ye depart to your mighty realms, and harm ye none on your way. So Mote It Be.

NORTH - earth

Hail to thee, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, the powers of earth. We thank thee for the stability in our lives which grounds us and gives us strength. Rock of life, salt and granite, ever-living, blessed planet, green grass, and leafy tree, vines as trailing hair, may you bring peace back in to the world. We bid thee Hail and Farewell, as you depart to your mighty realms, and harm ye none on your way. So Mote It Be.

Open the circle.

Group Hugs!!
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Beltane Ritual
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