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 Yule Ritual

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PostSubject: Yule Ritual   Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:02 am

Hail to Thee Guardian of the Watchtower of the East, the powers of water...we turn to you where the sun comes up, from where the power of light and refreshment come.

Everything that is born comes up in this direction -

the birth of babies, the birth of puppies,

the birth of ideas and the birth of friendship

Oh, Undines of the East, let there be light

On this Solstice Night. So Mote It Be !

Hail to Thee, Guardian of the Watchtower of the South, the powers of air...spirits of all that is warm and gentle and refreshing, we ask you to give us this spirit of growth, of fertility, of gentleness.

Caress us with a cool breeze when the days are hot.

Give us seeds on the wind, that the flowers, trees, and fruits of the earth may grow.

Give us the warmth of good friendships.

Oh, Sylphs of the South, let there be light

On this Solstice Night. So Mote It Be!

Hail to Thee, Guardian of the Watchtowers of the West, the powers of fire...where the sun goes down each day to come up the next, we turn to you in praise of sunsets, and in thanksgiving for changes.

You are the great colored sunset of the red west which illuminates us.

You are the powerful cycle which pulls us to transformation.

We ask for the blessings of the sunset.

Keep us open to life's changes.

Oh, Salamanders of the West, let there be light On this Solstice Night. So Mote It Be!

Hail to Thee, Guardian of the Watchtowers of the North, the powers of earth...we come to you and ask for the strength and power to bear what is cold and harsh in life. We come like the buffalo ready to receive the north winds that truly can be overwhelming at times.

Whatever is cold and uncertain in our life,

we ask you to give us the strength to bear it.

Do not let the winter sun fade away.

Oh, Gnomes of the North, let there be light On this Solstice Night. So Mote It Be!

(Invite the Lord and Lady)

HPS: Queen of the Moon, Queen of the Sun,

Queen of the Heavens, Queen of the Stars,

Queen of the Waters, Queen of the Earth,

Bring to us the Child of Promise!

It is the Great Mother who gives birth to Him;

It is the Lord of Life who is born again;

Darkness and tears are set aside when the Sun shall come up early!

Blessed Be!

(light the Goddess candle on the altar)

Everyone chants:

Queen of the Sun, Queen of the Fire,

Queen of the Stars and Queen of Night

Bring to us what we desire

Bring to us the Lord of Light!

(During this chant, 9 times, dance deosil, the HPS should stand out in the middle of the circle at the end with arms upraised and light the God candle)

Behold - the Lord of Light is reborn this night!

Blessed Be!

(HP then stands center to invoke the God)

We invoke Thee

Antlered Ancient One,

both Lord and Victim

of the Winter's Hunt;

giver of Thy flesh

for the love of our lives,

in this,

Thy season of Sacrifice.

We invoke Thee,

shape-shifting Solstice Stag,

Thy hoof prints brushed away by driven snow

as Thou guardest the pathways to the Invisible.

Winter-reigning forest-phantom,

be here among us

as we celebrate

this turning of the Solar Wheel!

Blessed Be!

(part 1- priestess)

Open thy ears to the voice of the Ancient God, the Father of Time, who is older than the beginning. Many are His names: Zeus, Dagda, Gog, Lugh, Osiris, Cernunnos, Ra: always He is the Great Father.

(part 2 - priest)

I am the Shining One; and my dominion is the golden orb of the Sun. After the darkness has soothed the Earth and rested it's people, it is I who bring forth a new beginning and a fresh awakening. My heat is the warmth of Life and my fire is the burning of desire in the hearts of my worshippers.

(part 3 - priest)

I am the wonder of the blue sky which lifts up the birds in flight. Hear my voice in the breezes and cool winds which whisper through the trees.

(part 4 - priest)

My dominion also is the green forest and fertile field, for I am the Lord of the hunt and the beasts of the wild are my children. When ye walk in the forest, feel my presence, for I am the life of every blade of grass and every walking creature. My head is crowned with twin horns, for I am the White Stag and in me is the spirit of the wild beast.

(part 5 - priestess)

Heed well the voice of the Horned God, for together we are the Twin Pillars which support the Universe.

(part 6 - priest)

When ye speak my name, do so with joy, for I am the divine King, reborn to lead my people into victory and prosperity.

(part 7 - priest)

I also am the Wise old Man, the counsel of years, ever surrendering the wisdom of experience. Within every man, I am manifest and my works are strong throughout the world.

(part 8 - priest)

I am the double edged sword, and my nature is two fold. for as I am the brightness of Summer, so am I the cold darkness of Winter. And as the Lady gives you birth, so am I the Dark God who in death returns ye to her. But fear me not, for in death of the body there is rest and peace of the soul. Comfort and consolation are my gifts, to heal the weary spirit after life's passing. Cast away sorrow and rejoice; for I am the keeper of the Gate of the Summerland, wherein the wondrous Garden of the Gods, ye are reunited with those who have gone before.

(part 9 - priest)

And herein is my greatest mystery, for as I am life that leads to death, so do I lead again to life, for it is I who brings ye to the Mother, to be born again of the Earth, for behold, life's eternal, and I am He that changes and yet remains unchanged.

(Great Rite done by HP and HPS using these words

As the Athame is to the Male,

So the Chalice is to the Female.

Here where sword and cup unite,

Witnessed by the sacred night

Within the charmed Circle's bound

Behold the Holy meaning's found

I am in thee, and thee in me

That is the deepest Mystery.

Blessed Be!
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Yule Ritual
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