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 Coming of age Ritual (womaning)

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PostSubject: Coming of age Ritual (womaning)   Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:52 am

Cast the circle

Call in the Watchtowers.


Hail to thee guardians of the watchtowers of the east, the powers of water. As all rivers flow to the Mother Ocean, so too do our daughters flow into womynhood. Water of life, we gather here to celebrate with and honor our daughter, _____.

So mote it be.


Hail to thee guardians of the watchtowers of the south, the powers of air. As we breathe your purest beauty, each moment passes, each minute, each hour, days become years, as we watch our daughters grow into womynhood. Breath of life, we gather here to celebrate with and honor our daughter, ______.

So mote it be.


Hail to thee guardians of the watchtowers of the west, the powers of fire. The life force which burns in us all, which burns in our daughters as they become womyn, heat of lust, and desire of love. Spark of life, we gather here to celebrate with and honor our daughter, ______.

So mote it be.


Hail to thee guardians of the watchtowers of the north, the powers of earth. As flowers grow from seed to blossom in the sun, as fawn becomes doe, as all of the blessed animals and plants become mature and fulfill their life's purposes, so too do our daughters grow and mature into purposeful womyn. Sustainer of life, we gather here to celebrate with and honor our daughter, ______.

So mote it be.

Ablutions (Bless all participants)

Invocation to the Goddess:

Maiden, Maiden you who are unowned

You dance gaily, blossom crowned

Among the flowers you are most fair

Weaving them into your hair .

Maiden, Maiden standing in the light

We bring to you your own this night

She stands before you robed in white

In her glory, as is her right.

Share with her your love and play

Your courage to stand for your own way

Firmness of right, and strength today

Hold to your beliefs without sway.

As Mothers we have shown her our truths.

Now 'tis her time for herself to choose.

Mother and Crone watch over her still

Guiding her by example we will.

Maiden, Maiden we call you tonight

Mother, and Crone, in all of your might

Watch over us all, and bless our rite.

Blessed Be.

Invocation to the God:

Oh Horned Father, we call you here

This young one's childhood end is near

She needs your love, and your strength to bear

As now is the hour for which she prepared.

As child, she knew what was expected

To love, obey, and to be protected

Now comes a time when this will change

Her relationships will rearrange

Great Father we call on you to see

That the transition, smooth and blessed be

Watch over her still and your cunning lend

As the years of childhood come to an end.

Come and bless this holy rite.

Blessed be.

High Priestess speaksor the mother)

______, in this past month of this full moon phase, your birthday came, and you turned 16. This is a special age, for you are neither child, nor yet totally adult. This can be a confusing time, the between years, and so with the Lord and Lady's help, we, your Mothers, have assembled here to honor you and the transition you are about to make.

Here is the Cauldron of Cerridwen, which transforms all things from death to life, it brings rebirth from the old and into the new. Here I have a picture which you drew for me as a child. This was how you saw the world, and this represents your childhood which is now ending.

Into this sacred cauldron, we shall put your childhood, the past which you will carry with you always, but which is behind you now.

(You may have her burn the picture to symbolize she cannot go back to childhood.)

And out of this cauldron and your childhood comes the beautiful young womyn you have become.

As a token of your new status, I give to you this symbol of womynhood.

(Can give a decorated besom, a piece of jewelry, whatever you feel as appropriate for the person.)

As your Mothers, we welcome you to the circle of womynhood!

(group hugs and kisses)

(It is also appropriate at this time for the other women present to present gifts as well.)

(Lead her to the East, then south, etc.)

______, here is the East, Water, the seas hold mysteries which are the Goddesses alone. As a womyn these are your mysteries too. Blessed be.

_______ here is the South, Air, the wind sings of the joy and delight of the Goddess, as she now sings for you, too. Blessed Be.

______, here is the West, Fire, the love and blessings of the Goddess bring forth new life, even the sun shines for her! As He ever shines forth for all womyn, and for you, too. Blessed Be.

______, here is the North, Earth, the body of the Goddess and the symbol of Her awesome power. She holds sway over death itself, because She can bring forth life, and so can you! Blessed Be.

(great rite or share Cakes and Ale.)

(read "The Meeting", from She Lives!: the return of Our Great Mother by Judith Laura, or any other appropriate woman's story)

Now ______, as one of the womyn here tonight, the duty shall now fall upon you to thank the Lord and Lady and to dismiss the watchtowers.

(help her if necessary)

Open circle

group hug
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Coming of age Ritual (womaning)
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