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Would You ever create a Golem ?
Maybe , one never knows
 67% [ 2 ]
I do not see why would I ever need one
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I preffer not to mess with them
 33% [ 1 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
Why not
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No , never
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PostSubject: Golem   Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:35 pm

Golems are creations of a Quabbalistic mage , a servant made of Earth modeled by the creation of Adam himself .
However G'd is perfection , so doing this even by most experienced and pure humans may result in catastrophe .

Golems are made in various ways but they all heave certain things incommon , like earth as a material , AMETH inscription on the forehead ( WHICH IS A HAVE TO , and I shall explain why latter ), white robes , prayer or text from Sefer Yezirath ( The book of creation ) .

Golems are often considered to be extremely powerful, and in today's lore control of them can be easily lost. Such an occurrence is well know to citizens of Prague , even now after quite some centuries after the incident with such a Golem .

Also , in my opinion ( and that only ME ) I think that creation of Golem can be also Considered a Teurgic magick .

But I yapped enough , let's get down to the procedure itself


- writing instrument
- pure white robes ( or any robes , today )
- purified clay
- purified dust
- purified water
- purity of purpose ( purity of Mage , atleast 7days prior to the rite )

While wearing the pure white robes, mix the clay with the dust and water until you have a slightly malleable substance. Be sure to not use so much water that the clay can no longer hold its form. Be sure to save some of the water.

Use your bare hands to carve the figure of the golem in the clay. Pray to God for success while forming the clay. If the clay begins to harden as you're still molding, sprinkle it lightly with some of the purified water.

When you've finished the form of the golem, let the statue stand for a few hours to harden slightly.

Using the writing instrument, inscribe in Hebrew the word for truth, AMETH or EMETH, on the forehead of the statue.

The golem's clay will continue to harden and may crack slightly. Covering the golem with a damp cloth will help prevent these cracks.
Be sure to maintain your purity of purpose for the length of the life of your golem.

Read the text You find appropriate from the Book of Creation , or say a personal prayer . Today Quabbalah can be practiced by Christians , so It can be a Christianly orientated prayer . Golden dawn has it's own Invocations and texts to be read . So this part of the procedure especially nowadays can be personalized.

DESTRUCTION OF THE GOLEM Is rather easy and quite hard in the same time, all You have to do is to erase the first letter from his forehead remaining METH ( which in Hebrew means You've lived , or If we read between the lines You are dead )

I wrote this article with the help of the following sources

Israel Regardie "The tree of Life"
Dion Fortune "The mzstical Quabbalah"

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