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 Purification and cleansing

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PostSubject: Purification and cleansing   Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:32 am

Purification and cleansing

Why do we need it anyway ? Many people consider it unnecessary and boring especially newcomers to Craft , who have their fan-fic views on the whole issue .

Even when we feel safe and good , there still might be some evil lurking around or simply a foreign influence or even our own mental projection of fears , discomfort est., and that is when the purification comes very handy . And not only in mentioned situation .
Here I will state a few good reasons to do a purification rite , spell , bath , smudging or any purification technique really :

• You had a tough exhausting day , or You dealt with some unpleasant and negative persons
• You were helping sick persons , or persons affected by magick
• You have felt a sudden strange sensation of fear or unexplained anxiety
• You believe that You are jinxed , hexed or in any way magickly influenced
• You’ve been visited by negative persons , or persons You know misuse magick ( what we call “black magicianswitches” ) or You felt a negative presence ( entity) lingering in Your home
• You have found strange things You suspect are left to harm You ( folk craft in most case ) , You touched such a thing , or You’ve been sprinkled , dusted, you were crossed or a trick has been laid on You ( hoodoo )
• You need a new start in some area
• You want to cleanse a present , or jewelry , crystal , altar or ritual tool You purchased or was given to You as a present
• You have been to a funeral or in hospital , or You are an empath , telepath , or seer and You have been haunted by some unpleasant ESP, so You need a grip on the info You get and control over it , cold head
• There’s an epidemic raging around

And many other reasons . And how do we do it?
There are many simple ways ,and for a skilled crafter creativity is guide and the sky is the limit.
Well here are few methods :

1. Smudging , using all sort of incenses or smudge sticks est. I like to use either frankincense or sage sticks I make myself. But You can use any cleansing incense or herb like Cedar , or Juniper , Pine . Eucalyptus . We light those in censer or incense burner and go through our house , or room , usually counter clockwise , and may chant some appropriate chant or make a banishing pentacle sign but we don’t really have to . Make sure to open all doors and windows .

2. Baths , we use when we want to clean ourselves , our body and mind , remove ,curses hexes, reverse jinxed or crossed conditions or simply the negativity we pick up daily , especially witches and occult practitioners that work with all sort of people on daily bases , doctors , psychologists too. I lay some salt on the bathtub bottom and draw a purification symbol in it . I add few pouches of basil and let the hot water pouring on it . I light few nice scented candles . Sometimes I also use lavender , or add few drops of eucalyptus or pine e. oil . Some camphor in a base oil after the bath is also a very good choice .

3. Infusions and potions, we brew purification herbs in water , bless it and than sprinkle the affected area , or person . Like If You are feeling a negative or threatening presence an Boneset and Broom infusion with a pinch of salt should do the trick .

4. Holy Water , floor washes and other , we use them to cleanse a dwelling, purify it , or for ex. sprinkle some purification powder on our bed , shoes est. Holy water is the most powerful tool or purification , evil banishing , and blessings , and most certainly can be used by pagans , witches , two headed doctors , mambos , or any other Occult practitioner although they sometimes tend to consecrate water themselves which is fine too. Floor washes are basically brew or infusions of cleansing herbs with addition of salt . A good floor wash I come up with is made by cooking mint sprigs in water with addition of salt while stirring and often chanting :

"I brew this herb I add the salt , and over it I pray
to cleanse all negativity to make it go away !"

Incantations and chants are usually used as addition to above mentioned methods ,but there are also few that are used on themselves . In Midlleage Wizards and witches would point index finger or wand into object that needed to be cleansed or they sprinkled salt on it chanting or pronouncing “Castimonia” or “Purifico” according to testimonials by this single word a Crafty Practitioner could clear up fog , smoke , even muddy water .

So there now You know why and how , so don’t let the negativity , depression or
alike get You ever again.
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PostSubject: Re: Purification and cleansing   Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:29 am

Excellent post. I make purification and cleansing a part of day to day life. I notice the difference when I don't.

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Purification and cleansing
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