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 Archangel Michael

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PostSubject: Archangel Michael   Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:39 am

Archangel Michael
SEFIRA: Beauty
KEYWORDS: Courage, commitment, honour, faith & protection
COLOURS: Gold, sunshine yellow & red
GEMSTONE: Carbuncle
PLANET: The sun

Michael’s name means ‘he who is like God’. In ancient Persian lore Michael was called Beshtar ‘one who provides sustenance for mankind’ and often called the Archangel of the Sun.
He is seen as wearing a cloak lined with red as he was considered to be a seraph. Other occults see him to be wearing blue. Michael represents leadership and a protector. Also often shown holding scales to weigh the souls of the dead.

Calling on Michael

When calling upon him as these questions to yourself.
*Do you feel in charge of your own life?
*Does fear prevent you from creating a life that you love?
*Do you believe that you have a right to be your true self?
*Do you honour the divine monarch within yourself and others?
Michael will be your courage when you face difficulties. He provides a psychic ‘breastplate’ and helps you polish commitment and faith. He helps you to take charge of your life, gives you spirit courage and confirms your right to self-expression so that you become the commander of your own life!

Journey in meeting Archangel Michael

A few days before your session look out for objects, stones, jewellery and fabrics that remind you of sunshine-anything golden or sunset, red will encourage MichaelÂ’s energy in your life; also blue if you are drawn to that colour from him.
Before starting your journey play some royal music that makes you feel splendid.
Examples to look out for, ‘the entrance of the queen of Sheba, the hallelujah chorus, the water music’.
Light a candle and say these words and ask for what you want from him.

The words to speak to Michael
Michael, I want to work with you to chase away doubts and anxieties, so that I can lead a life based on courage, commitment and faith.
Fill my heart with your golden light and remind me of it whenever I feel weak.
Let me walk in your beauty and strength and help me to radiate them out into the world, whatever the circumstances.
If you have a symbolic gift for me to help me on my way, I am willing to receive it into my life.

At the end of the journey, recite the above once again; then send light to people around the world who may need angelic help before blowing out the candle.
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Archangel Michael
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