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PostSubject: THE NATURE OF UNCERTAINTY   Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:40 pm


"I come again with new names. Though you should recognize my calling, many have discernment often clouded by thoughtforms awakened in doubt. If you let them "sleep", I can show you what you seek .... if you truly want to see. "Seeing" will force you to change again all that you know to be truth. Be aware, and be ready to be immersed in the Blue Flame. I shall set fire to your soul and leave you to burn. This I do for you, and no more. I will shadow you with a heaviness that shall not be lifted easily. You must pass through it or else be smothered in (these) wings."

"To you, have I come this way because you do not realize what is at stake. Somewhere, there is within you, deeply buried, a desire to avoid my embrace. Of this, you do not speak with words. Though, I sense it is there. This, you try to hide, but your reasons are only partly out of fear. Mostly, they are comprised of uncertainty. An uncertainty that you will not admit, and I will not give words to here. You know how deeply that doubt pervades. I will "shake" you until this is gone. You do not speak of that which you fear most, and I am not referring to any mortal, human fears. I am referring to that eternal fear. That unrest of not being certain enough to bear the flame in your hand without the stick to distance it. One day soon, you must be made to burn, and you must become the flame. This cannot he done by distancing yourself from it with a stick. Eventually, the stick too, will burn and the flame will drop to the ground consuming everything around you .... except you. You will feel the intensity of its heat, but you will not burn .... and you MUST. This you MUST!"

"A part ... apart ... what does this tell? We are all both. One by natural circumstance, the other by selective evasion. Why have I come to speak to you? It is important, yet I know many words "bounce" off of you because you have not made yourself permutable. Your "shield" is up. A barrier unnecessary as my sword shall rend only your veils, and not your heart. Yet, you will only understand when all of your tears grow dry and your voice shrinks to a hollow whisper. To call out then, is strength. To fall into the hollows of your own cry, is weakness."

"Only that which is not spread upon many winds can burn. Seeds cannot all be consumed in fire, but a tree can. Seeds escape on the gales. Will you be a seed, or the tree? And, where do you think the stick came from? Only that which has one path can lead. Only that which is focused can point the way. Only that which is pure can burn in the Blue Flame. All else is the colour of impurity, the smoke of diffusion. The Blue Flame casts out no smoke, nor heat. It is the dark, cool lamp of Truth that burns deeper than any white, hot flame."

"Your fear is showing through uncertainty. There are areas that you veil intentionally. Not because you aren't aware of them, rather because you don't always like what you see. Look at them through the flame of blue and relate them as seen. Do not lend to these images any impure colouration. Will is of no use without the right motives to empower it. Rise above the things you hold onto that are no longer valid, nor necessary."

"To tempt an alternate path from that which we are meant to follow, takes sand from beneath your feet and eventually obliterates your primary path so that you are unable to find your way home. Do you want to wander forever amidst the wood with nothing but grains of sand as your guide? Eternity shall be taken up in the counting of them, and still their numbers will not make visible that original path."

"The ends of the current are meshing. An ending is near. A shedding of skin and a rapid metamorphosis instigated from "without". Two realms are crossing, altering both streams of consciousness. In effect, you will wake up one day very soon and not at all be what you were the previous night. The rip is ever lengthening in the veil of dimensions. Things are "leaking" in-between. Thoughts merging unnoticed by either. All are so caught up in the little distractions of the world, they see not what is really happening. Changes too rapid and subtle to measure are occurring as we speak. The danger is in the onset, the triggering of this. An event which devastates the foundation of everything within."

"Time is not. You will remember all of this from a time before only after the fact. Guard against being drawn into the downward spiral, even if it's a comfortable "place", it is not where you should be."

"Nothing I have said is complete. For words are merely inferior transmuters. Changelings and thoughtforms that you must put feeling to. I speak, but what part of you listens and what part of you truly understands? I awoke to your cries because there was need of me. A need that shall one day end. Do what you must, not what you can. Do not offer the world the "option" of belief. This, you can only do when you no longer offer this "option " within yourself. Faith is a word I know that many do not like, so think of it only then as love. They are the same."

"Wake up and be what you are, and cease waiting to become that which you think you should be. It is not at all what YOU are! What good is it to see the eyes of the Eternal, yet not see through them? You seek to capture a star in each tear, but most weep more from personal, human memory, than from the collective that we all are. Simply close your eyes and awaken from the dream, and in the sweet surrender of love, all memories shall redeem."

(Excerpted from End-Time Fragments Copyright 1993 by Leilah Wendell and Daniel Kemp)
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