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 Making talismans

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PostSubject: Making talismans   Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:10 pm

In this lesson I will look at how you can make your own talisman. The word talisman come from the Greek word telo meaning to consecrate.

The reason behind creating a talisman is to achieve a definitive result. When writing your intention for it make sure it is to the point and clear also one of the best things about talismans is that they can be left to do their work after charging without any more interference as they are a on off operation

If you are wanting to make a talisman for somebody else, have them with your or at least let them know when your are making it so a they are receptive enough to allow a link to them to be formed.

This article will look at planetary talismans, below is a list of of the planets and there correspondences. When constructing your talisman choose carefully which sphere of influences(or spheres) your intent falls. The list will seems very static but it is a simple and effective way of subdividing the talismans influence.

Saturn: Earth. Establishment, death, agriculture, legacies, sorrow, and solidification

Jupiter: Riches, honour, apparel and position

Mars: War, imprisonment, weapons and all things martial

Sun: fortune, gold, ruler ship, inheritance,

Venus: love, music, luxury and pleasure

Mercury: books, learning, gambling, calculation, theft

Moon: dreams, the sea, change, reproduction, childbirth, delusion and physical matters

Earth:This type of talisman is useful for earthing or materialisation of on this plane of any of the above

Always remember to have your exact intent, make sure there is no room for doubt or the talisman will fail and if your incredibly unlucky backfire

There are 6 main groups of symbols used when constructing talismans these are
1)The magickal square or kemea
2)the seal, which is constructed from the kemea following the order of the numbers
3)The characters, which are formed by joining the numerical values of Hebrew letters
4)The sign of the planet
5)The sigil of the angel attributed to the planet
6)The characters of various spirits, intelligences, Olympic spirits and demons attributed to the planet

Point of note the demonic sigils are rarely used in talismanic work.

The table below, shows the Hebrew name associated with each sphere. Whether you wish to write them in Hebrew or English is up to you

Other symbols you can use upon the talisman are any relevant geomantic symbols you can think of and any other sigils you would think to be relevant

Another few traditional elements for making talismans is that they should be a a specific colour and units and also painted in a particular colour and lettered.

Now you have the essential elements of you talisman, it is now up to you to arrange them as you see fit. If you are able to do so you can engrave or paint the talisman on a disk of the appropriate metal


Next is a question of time. Once you have decided which planetary influence you are using for the talisman make and consecrate the talisman on the appropriate day. Also if you wish the appropriate hour

You can make the talisman and consecrate it 7 days later if you wish or do both operation on the same day.

Below is a list of equipment you will need for constructing your talisman.

1)A piece of fairly stiff cardboard or metal to be engraved
2)Paint the appropriate colour, preferably waterproof paints
3)Brushes for both the main colour and lettering. Though a pen can be used if you find it easier to handle
4)A compass, ruler and pencils for drawing
5)water in a unused container
8)cutting instrument
9)A cloth of the appropriate colour

Below is a general ritual for consecrating your talisman but of course feel free to construct your own.

1) Place the talisman on the cloth and visualise above the talisman a large sphere of the same colour
2)State your written intention in a single sentence, clear and loud and also the purpose of the ceremony
3)light the incense and pass the talisman through the smoke saying “I consecrate this talisman with fire so that it may (repeat intention)
4)Breath over the talisman and say “I consecrate this talisman with air so that it may(repeat intention)
5)Sprinkle the talisman with water and say “I consecrate this talisman with water so that it may (repeat intention)
6)Sprinkle the talisman with salt and say “I consecrate this talisman with earth so that it may (repeat intention)
7)one each of these operation visualise the large colours sphere, getting small, more compact, intense and brighter
8)Finally link the other elements with your spirit. Visualise the coloured ball descending onto t the talisman and becoming part of it “I link this talisman to my life so that it may (repeat intention). The physical operation is nearly complete, for linking the talisman with the operators life, anoint it with a small amount of your blood.
9)Finally wrap the talisman up in the piece of cloth you laid it upon and put it in a safe place. The next part of the operation is important. Once the talisman is in a safe place forget it and let it do its work without interference, as a lot of things fail because because of interference caused by the caster through worry and such.

The images below are the different kamea's, sigils and seal used in making planetary talismans








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Making talismans
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