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 Sun Meditations

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PostSubject: Sun Meditations   Sun Meditations I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 1:20 am

It is believed that the Sun Meditations were originally a practise that was reserved for only priests and priestesses and selected initiates. It is a powerful practise that should be performed with conscious participation. The meditations ground energy through the individual into the earth. It is recommended to begin with one meditation every seven days and gradually build up as you integrate the energies. Increase the frequency of the meditations according to your intuition. The Sun Meditations are to be performed as follows:

Fifteen minutes before sunrise or sunset, stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground, preferably with bare feet. This is indeed a magickal time when the light from the sun creates magnificent colours.

Breathe long and deep, at first with your eyes closed. Begin by focussing your attention at your feet and as you deeply inhale, draw energy from the earth below you, through the back of your legs, to meet at the base of the spine.

Continue inhaling, feeling the energy rise up the spine, through the crown of your head and out to greet the Universe. Hold the breath for a moment and then slowly begin to exhale as the energy is brought back through your body, to meet the earth again.

Visualise the energy moving in golden beams as the Golden rays of the Great Central Sun are infused into every fibre of your being. Continue breathing in this circular manner as the energy of the Earth and Sun make acquaintance with you.

While breathing, raise your arms with the palms facing towards the sun. Keep your arms straight and allow solar energy to enter into your palms and pulse through your arms. Keep your breathing steady and well established.

Open your eyes, lower your arms and allow yourself to absorb the sun’s rays while you enjoy the beauty of dawn or dusk.

Focus your gaze directly into the centre of the sun for a moment or two, but not for too long as it may damage your eyes. If you find this creates eye strain or excessive squinting, close your eyes and rest them, and don’t try again.

As a powerful connection is made with the sun, continue circular breathing and feel the warmth and light circulating through your body. Feel the connection between the earth and the sun. Establish your relationship to and with the sun. Do this for as long as you wish.

·To close the meditation, bring the palms together at the centre of the chest and pull energy down to the earth. Ground and centre yourself. Give thanks and relax. Have a snack.
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Sun Meditations
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