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PostSubject: SOLAR MAGICK   SOLAR MAGICK I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 1:20 am


Solar Magick utilizes the varying positions of the sun throughout the 24 hour cycle of the day and night. This system is particularly useful if you have working that is not so grave that it requires waiting for the porper season or astrological sighn to arrive. Perfect for everday magick.


This time begins at the moment the sun rises over the eastern horizon and lasts for one hour. Perfect time to purify objects, individuals or locations. Also highly condusive to financial and business success, breaking habits, beginning new projects, travel, warding off jealous energy of others or self, healing, mental magick that involves the conscious mind and increases of any kind. Comparable to the moon beginning its waxing phase.


This time begins when the sun is directly overhead at its fullest strength. Perfect for raising (and possibly storing/charging) large amounts of magickal energy, improving physical energy/ vitality, protection, money, power, success, business and completeing rituals begun at sunrise. Comparable to the full moon at its peak of potency. Use this "noon" energy from one hour before until the exact moment it is full after which the sun is considered to be in its waning phase. The exact point of Noon Is a god time to recite final incantations or light appropriate candles.


This time begins at the moment the sun falls below the western horizon and lasts for one hour after. This time should be used for rituals that begin the process of banishing, binding, ending relationships, hexbreaking, reversals and decreases of any kind. Can be followed by additional ritual activity at Midnight which is the darkest point of the sun and the most potent time for decreasing. Use the sunset time alone without a Midnight follow up for decrease rituals that are less serious. This time is comparable to the waning phase of the Moon.


The sun is directly below and at its greatest point f decrease. Use this time for serious banishngs (illness, energies and/or individuals) as well as divination, psychic ability, spirituality, dream magick, protection and completing rituals begun at sunset. Comparable to the black moon at its greatest point of decrease. Use this Midnight energy from one hour before until the exact moment of midnight after which the sun is considered to be in its waxing phase the exact point of midnight is a good time to recite final incantations or light appropriate candles.
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