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 Morning Libations

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PostSubject: Morning Libations   Morning Libations I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 1:15 am

Morning Libations

The first liquids of the day are offered to the dead.
Before refreshing yourself, fill a cup with coffee, water, or some other liquid and stand over an open piece of ground.
Holding the cup with both hands, inscribe a crossroads in the air in front of you. Pass the liquid through the center of the crossroads with a slight throwing motion. Allow the cup to leave the grasp of your hand for a split second as it passes through the crossroads say;

"to those who are named." (here repeat the names of those dead you wish to remember.)
pour out a bit of the liquid
"to those whose names have been forgotten, lost in the seas of time"
pour out a bit of the liquid
"To those whose bones lie within and upon this land"
pour out a bit of the liquid
Raise the cup up with both hands." To you from the living"

Take the first drink of the day.
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Morning Libations
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