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 Voodoo Trance

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PostSubject: Voodoo Trance   Voodoo Trance I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 1:13 am

To become adept at Voodoo requires you learn mind control. You must tame the mind chatter and impulses that lead you into temptation or unwanted situations. In short you must learn to be impeccable and unshakable in your words and actions on this earth. At the same time, however, you must maintain the ability to be spontaneous, to speak and act as the spirit dictates. All this requires a precarious mental balance. But this poise of the mind can certainly be attained through the practice of meditation and trance work.

1. Sit down comfortably and relax. A good way to achieve a state of relaxation quickly is to make your out breaths a little longer than your in breaths.

2. Find something to fix your gaze on. Try using a candle or a crystal, any object will do

3. Now make 3 statements (out loud to yourself) about what you can see. This is your visual experience. If your gaze is fixed on a candle, you might say " I see a colored halo around the flame"

4. Make 3 statements about what you can hear. This is your auditory experience. You might say, " I hear the birds singing outisde my window" or "I hear the sound of my breath as I inhale and exhale".

5. Make 3 statements about what you can feel. This is your Kinasthetic experience. You might say, "I feel the warmth of my hands resting on my thights"

6. Run through each of the three primary senses again, making two, then one, new statement about each. If your eyes get drowsy, allow them to close and substitute internal visualization for external.

7. Now perform your ritual gently opening your eyes if they closed during the induction. When your ritual is complete, you can come out of the hypnotic state by simply counting down from five to one and saying "WAKE UP"

Using this technique, most people drift into a trance very quickly, usually before they have finnished the second or third run through the sensory channels. You will know you are in a trance when a mild "dreaminess" overtakes you and visions begin to flow past your mind's eye. Dont worry about the apparent depth of your trance; sometimes it will seem deep and profound, other times mild. The main thing is that you feel relaxed and at ease.
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Voodoo Trance
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