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 Elemental spells

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PostSubject: Elemental spells   Elemental spells I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2009 8:07 am

A word or two on speed and nature of elemental spells I shall divide t them in three categories based on speed of them for the sake of this article .

Very slow elemental spells

Earth – spell used for protection , grounding , shielding , wealth , growth , releasing leftovers or excess of energy and similar . We can bury stones , use Earth attuned tools such as crystal , plant herbs infusing them with intention . For example planting a basil on first night of the new moon , and burying the silver or gold coin wrapped in green piece of fabric on which we have previously written the name of Archangel Sachiel will bring wealth . Burning the stones on four corners of Your property for protection is just another example. The changes are slow and gradual but firm and permanent. Good if You wish to banish something from Your life for good .
The possibilities are endless . so be creative .

Fast elementals spells

Fire spells - are the spells in which we use tools at
Attuned with element of fire , and focus on fire deities like Salamanders or elemental fire kings such as Djin .
These spells are used when we want to banish , destroy or vanquish something , someone , to purge something , to punish , to harm , promote growth or even abundance ( use of Solar energies for richness and wealth , can be considered form of fire energies use ).
We mostly use candles , or we burn parchments or bindrunes ,or simply throw something into bonfire or fireplace , and the effect of fire spells is in majority of cases almost instant , or very, very fast at the very least. Be forewarned , we are not always ready for such a snappy ( hasty ) change!

Middle speede elemental spells Which are

Air spells – spells attuned with air . We use these spells for anything connected with acceleration , communication , traveling , reaching someone who is fare away , purification, banishing , improving memory , focus , and of course study .
The tools are various , from an athame , incense , smudge bundles .
For example use a feather , infuse it with intention , say the words of power and release it. Even ribbons infused with intention and power and You may even want to write spells on them.
Water spells
Good for divination , purification , wishes, healing , spiritual work and scrying , wealth, mind and it’s calm and similar . Well other than chalice , greatest tool is water itself and we have many different types of water used in magick , like Holy water , spring water , river water , sea water or rain water .
We can also use herbs associated with the water such as flax , heather or henbane .
Here is an example
If You need money , take some flax seed , hold it in Your power hand , infuse it withn Your intention and need , say Your words of power , then with a sweeping motion release it into the body of the river.
As I have already stated the speed of this two type of spells is middle .

And some ( the most basic correspondence ) we should all know

Earth ( Terra ) color green or brown , Archangel Uriel , direction north , and elementals Dwarfs
Water ( Aqua ) colors blue, indigo , silver , green , Archangel Gabriel , direction west . elementals Undines
Air ( Aer ) color yellow , Archangel Raphael , direction east , elementals Sylphs
Fire ( Ignis ) colors red , orange , black, Archangel Michael , direction South , elementals Salamanders
Tools I mentioned in the above text. So I hope it was helpful , and You like it.
Blessed be .
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Elemental spells
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