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 Middle Pillar

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PostSubject: Middle Pillar   Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:59 pm

This exercise stands by itself as an energy focusing work, and may be used by anyone on a regular basis. It is best done following a banishing ritual such as LBRP, LBRH, ect.. The banishing clears and purifies your space. Other rituals such as the Rose Cross can establish a clear white back ground to work on.
The MP can be used to correct inner imbalances. You can also break the barriers between the conscious and unconscious mind. This techneque serves as a bridge into Magick, Psycology, and Chakra Work. While circulating the Light, Vibratory Formula, and the building up the Tree of Life in your aura.
A Introduction:
The MP by Israel Regardie: The Middle Pillar Exercise - By Israel Regardie

This ritual builds up the middle pillar of the Tree of Life in your aura thereby awakening the higher currents within you. The exercise is well-known also from tantra and taoism where it balances sexual, loving and spiritual energies that are regarded as seperate by cultural conventions. The Middle Pillar Exercise should be carried out slowly and with great care, attention and devotion. Do not go on with the exercise until a powerful visualisation carrying a significant energy level has been achieved at the previous step. This may require several minutes of concentration on each part.*

1 Stand upright facing west, hands to your side, eyes closed, inhale and expired your breath steadily. Let the mind be quiet, calm, and still. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

2 Now visualise yourself standing in a Temple with the pillars of the Tree of Life felt right behind your back. There is a Black Pillar of Severity on your right, a White Pillar of Mercy on your left. You are the Middle Pillar, standing between them. Imagine that the Black Pillar of Severity is reflected in the right part of your body, and the White Pillar of Mercy in the left part.*

3 Take a deep breath and raise yourself to your Kether, a sphere of pure brilliance emanating above your head. Breathe in deeply and vibrate the godname EHEIEH (pronounced "Eh-hay-yay", 'I am', 'I will be' or 'I am that I am'). *

4 See the light above your head flowing down through Daath, at the nape of your neck. Here it forms another flaming sphere of brilliant indigo, slightly smaller than the previous sphere. Now you inhale deeply and vibrate the godname YHVH ELOHIM (pronounced "Ye-ho-wah El-o-heem" - 'Lord God' or 'Lord of Gods' - which is in fact the godname of Binah as Daath is not truly a Sephirah). *

6 Experience the light continue to Tiphareth in your heart into a sphere of clear pink rose as you vibrate the godname YHVH ELOAH VA DAATH (pronounced "Ye-ho-wah El-o-aah Vah Daard" - 'Lord God of all Knowledge').*

7 Let the light flow further down into Yesod in your hip and genital area forming a flaming sphere of fluctuating indigo. Take a deep breath and vibrate the divine name SHADDAI EL CHAI (pronounced "Sha-di el-chie" - 'Almight God of Life'). *

8 Finally, the light reaches Malkuth at the base between your legs (or even under your feet) where it forms a flaming sphere of brilliant yellow. Now vibrate its godname ADONAI HA-ARETZ (pronounced "Ah-don-i ha-aretz" - 'Lord of the Earth'). *

9 Now see the light ascending vertically behind your back along the spine, then feel it descend vertically in front of you, creating a dynamic circle of flaming light moving rapidly around you. Let another circle form itself around your waist, beginning from left to right in front of you, then running in a clockwise current. Feel the new life these currents are giving your entire aura. Observe them for a while, as they are circulating around the four brilliant spheres on a stream of light*

10 Thank the powers that have been involved. Take a deep breath and feel the images fade to become invisible. Perform The Qabalistic Cross to balance the energy and close the ritual. *

balancing masculine and feminine currents

If the ritual is carried out with the purpose of circulating sexual energi that has been accumulated through tantra, it may be neccesary to make a specific balancing of the masculine and feminine currents, respectively the Pillar of Severity (Pingala, hot) and the Pillar of Mercy (Ida, cold). The following extension of the exercise should be carried out if tension is still experienced in the sexual organs:

...10 Concentrate your consciousness at the testicles (if male) or the ovaries (if female), both of them, left and right. Take a deep breath and vibrate the divine name SHADDAI EL CHAI (pronounced "Sha-di el-chie" - 'Almight God of Life' - godname of Yesod). *

11 Lift the energy, breathing in from these two sexual organs upwards in two seperate currents. Let the two currents cross through your heart in a sphere of clear pink rose as you mentally vibrate the godname YHVH ELOAH VA DAATH (pronounced "Ye-ho-wah El-o-aah Vah Daard" - 'Lord God of all Knowledge').*

12 While still breathing in, raise the energy further to the level of your brain, the current from your left sexual organ entering the opposite right half of the brain and the current from the right entering the opposite left brain. View the entire brain becoing a flaming sphere of brilliant indigo. Exhale excess energy through the brian halves and vibrate the two godnames YHVH ELOHIM (pronounced "Ye-ho-wah El-o-heem" - the godname of Binah, for the right brain) and YHVH (pronounced "Ye-ho-wah" - the godname of Chokmah, for the left brain)*

Tantric practices working with the balance between masculine and feminine energiesm may lead to an intermediate imbalance of energy. If a woman experiences an excessive sensation of cold feminine energy, or if a male feels too hot, this breathing exercise must be performed focusing on only the opposite current which balances the excessive one. A woman experiencing too much cold should breathe only through the masculine hot current, from the right sexual organ to the left brain (YHVH). A man experiencing too much heat should breathe only through the feminine cold current, from the left sexual organ to the right brain (YHVH ELOHIM).*

13 Thank the powers that have been involved. Take a deep breath and feel the images fade to become invisible. Perform The Qabalistic Cross to balance the energy and close the ritual. *

The beauty of the Middle Pillar is that it, like many esoteric practices, is really a layered exercise. Containing an almost infinite amount of flexibility and growth potential. As the practitioner develops in skill and manipulation of the imagery, the amount of new possibilities increases. The pathways described for the Middle Pillar are circular in nature. They are for the most part large, clear, and bright, with a reflective quality too them. Regardie says that the psychic spheres should be imagined like large, clear, brilliant diamonds if no other color is known. Although, in the end, the entire sphere, or extended aura, of the practitioner should be imagined as a brilliant diamond radiating heat and light. The theoretical basis of the Middle Pillar is that through imagination, breath, and concentration, the psychic energy of creation, here principally Yetzirah, can be directed allowing for a purification of the Vital Energy that holds the Secret Fire in check. As our psychic centers are cleansed of emotional, moral, and materialistic residue, they better reflect the cosmic energy that works through them. Through its pre-described pattern of circulating the energy, the Middle Pillar assists in smoothing out the edges of our aura, as well as increasing the flow of energy in general directions, so that the psychic pathways, both large and small, can be purified and strengthened through an increase of Vital Energy. One of central movements of the Middle Pillar is the ?Fountain of Light?. Here, the practitioner imagines a brilliant force of energy forcing its way up through the soles of their feet and out the top of their head, spraying along the edges of their aura, making it strong and clear of any roughness, and gathering again at their feet. This cyclic imagery is repeated several times. This key part of the exercise, is the central part that prepares the central pathways for the eventual release of the Secret Fire. It is also similar to Eastern practices as seen in Chinese Chi Kung, Indian Tantra, and Tibetan Vajrayana yoga. It is also clear that some differences exist between Eastern and Western methods of releasing the Secret Fire. The methods of direct work on the psychic centers, and an upward climbing of the spinal column is more traumatic than the more general work of the Middle Pillar. It is for this reason, that the techniques of yoga, save a few, that are aimed straight away at releasing the Secret Fire, require supervision of a guru. Being that they so restrict the activities of the practitioner, and require close supervision, they are also systems that are impractical for day to day life in American and European culture.

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Middle Pillar
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