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 Rose Cross

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PostSubject: Rose Cross   Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:55 pm

This ritual is, like the Middle Pillar rite, a potent energy-invoking movement designed to bring down into manifest form (via the body of the Initiate) the Light of the Golden Dawn, a particularly Earthly manifestation of that Light Divine which permeates all creation, especially attuned to the specific "frequency" of the energies of the Order of the Rosy Cross. When the Energy of the Golden Dawn / LUX Light has been installed in the body of the Initiate (as in the final step below, with the words "Let the Divine Light Descend!"), it may be channelled through the palm of the hand as a golden Ray of force, toward whatever object or person is the needed recipient of its healing, revivifying energies.

It is best performed following the LBRP, for those who still need to perform banishings. While the banishing ritual is negative or purgative, designed to clear out impurities, the Rose Cross ritual is positive or invocatory, designed to draw in a clean, formless light -- giving the magician a blank astral slate on which to work, so to speak. One should master the LBRP first and thoroughly, then one may reduce emphasis on banishing and focus on mastering the Rose Cross ritual. It should be done frequently with regularity -- once per day perhaps.

1. Light stick of Incense. Go to the SE corner of chamber. Make a large cross (+) and draw a circle around it in the air. Holding the point of the incense in the centre vibrate YEHESHUAH.

2. With ® arm outstretched on a level with the centre of the cross, and holding the incense stick, go to the SW corner and repeat (cross, circle, name.)

3. Walk briskly to NW corner and repeat.

4. Walk briskly to NE corner and repeat.

5. Complete by returning to the SE corner (where you started) and bringing the point of the incense to the central point of the first cross.

(With the four corners completed along the lines of the walls of the chamber, we will now do them again, this time doing a double diagonal thru the center of the room, tracing a large "X" with our movement.)

6. Holding the stick on high, go to the centre of the room, walking diagonally across the room towards the NW corner. As you pass the centre of the room, above your head, trace the cross and circle and vibrate the Name YEHESHUAH.

7. Holding the stick on high as you arrive at the NW corner, and bring the point of the stick down to the centre of the astral cross there. Do not repeat the Name.

8. Turn towards SE (opposite corner) and retrace your steps there, but now, holding the incense stick directed towards the floor. As you pass by the centre of the room, make the cross and circle towards the floor and vibrate the Name YEHESHUAH.

9. As you arrive at the SE again, bring the point of the stick again to the centre of the Cross, then move with arm outstretched to SW corner.

10. From the centre of this cross, and, raising stick before, walk diagonally across the room towards the NE corner. As you pass the centre of the room, stop only for a moment to pick up again the cross above your head previously made, vibrating the Name. It is not necessary to make another cross.

11. Bring the stick to the centre of the NE cross and return to the SW, incense stick down, and pausing in the centre of the room to link up with the cross beneath you.

12. Return to SW and rest the point of the incense a moment in the centre of the cross there. Holding the stick out, retrace your circle to the North West, link on to the NW Cross - proceed to the NE cross and complete your circle by returning to the SE and the centre of the first cross.

13. Retrace the Cross, but larger, and make a big circle, vibrating for the lower half YEHESHUAH, and for the upper half YEHOVASHAH.

14. Return to the centre of the room, and visualise the six crosses in a net-work round you.


1. Stand with arms outstretched in the form of a cross. Face East.

2. Vibrate these words:INRI

Yod Nun Resh Yod

The Sign of Osiris Slain.

3. Right arm up, left arm extended out from shoulder, head bowed towards left hand.

L.-The Sign of the Mourning of Isis.

4. Both arms up in a V shape.

V.-The Sign of Typhon and Apophis.

5. Arms crossed on breast, head bowed.

X.-The Sign of Osiris Risen.

6. Make the signs again as you repeat L. V. X.


7. Arms folded on breast, head bowed.

The Light of the Cross.

8. 7hen arms extended in Sign of Osiris Slain.

Virgo Isis Mighty Mother

Scorpio Apophis Destroyer

Sol Osiris Slain and Risen

9. Gradually raise arms.

Isis Apophis Osiris

10. Arms above head, face raised.

I. A. 0. !

11. Vibrate the four tablet of Union Names.





12. Invoke to the Light and draw it down over your head to your feet. Close with: "Let the Divine Light Descend Upon Me!"


1. It encloses the aura with a protection against outside influences. It is like a veil. The Pentagrams protect, but they also light up the astral and make entities aware of you. They are more positive for magical working. When much distracted, use the Pentagrams to banish and the Rose-cross to maintain peace.

2. It is a call to another mode of your consciousness and withdraws you from the physical. It is a good preparation for meditation and, combined with the Key-Word, a form of invocation of the Higher Wisdom which is helpful when solving problems or preparing for a difficult interview, or in order to be calm and strong to help another.

3. When you are quite familiar with the Ritual, but most certainly not before, it can be done in imagination while resting or lying down. Part of yourself goes out, and you get all the sensation of walking around your own quiescent body. Used thus, with rhythmic breathing, it will withdraw your mind from pain (if it be not too severe) and release you for sleep. You can do the analysis of the Key-Word standing behind your physical head, and you can call down the Divine White Brilliance, watching it flow over your body and smooth out the tangles in the etheric double, bringing peace and rest.

4. You can do the Ritual with intention to help others in pain or difficulty. For this purpose, you build up an astral image of the person, in the centre of the room, and call down the Light upon him, after surrounding him with the six crosses. When the ceremony is done, command the astral shape you have made to return to the person, bearing with it the peace of Yeheshuah.

5. It is a protection against psychic invasion from the thoughts of others or from disturbed psychic conditions, such as there might be in a place charged with fear, where terrible things had happened.
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Rose Cross
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