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 Ritual Of The Double Pentagram

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PostSubject: Ritual Of The Double Pentagram   Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:53 pm

Ritual Of The Double Pentagram

Take a steel dagger or sword in the right hand. Facing East, in the center, touch the forehead with the blade , and say "Ateh", Touching the Solar Plexus, say ?Heleyl, ben Shachar?, the genitals, saying ?Malkuth?, Touching the right shoulder, say "ve-Geburah?. Touching the left shoulder, say "ve-Gedulah?, Clasp the hands upon the breast, say "le-Olahm, AMEN."

Advance to the East.

With the sword, or dagger, trace the Aright Pentagram of Earth, Invoking or Banishing as appropriate, (visualize this Pentagram as molten gold); next trace a circle about the Pentagram 1? times (envision this circle as a serpent devouring it?s tail), then trace the appropriate Averse Pentagram of Earth (envision this Pentagram as molten silver).

Inhale through the nose, raising both hands to the sides of the head, sword, or dagger, pointing forward.. Step forward with the left foot. At the same time, thrust the hands forward so that they point at the exact middle of the pentagrams vibrate the formula, ?ShMAT? Bring the left foot back to its original position. Pull the right forefinger back to the lips in the sign of Hoor-paar-Kraat. Point to the center of the pentagrams with the blade. Now trace a line in the air at the height of the center of the pentagrams moving clockwise around the edge of the circle.

Stop in the South. Repeat as before, but vibrate the name, "ADNI."

Move to the West as before; repeat vibrating the Grand Word, "AHIH."

Move to the North as before; repeat vibrating the notariqon, "AGLA."

Complete the circle back to the East, return to center.

Extending the arms in the form of a cross vibrate melodically: "Before me Raphael; Behind me Gabriel; On my right hand Michael; On my left hand Auriel; Above me Metatron; Beneath me Sandalphon; For about me flames my Father's Face, in Stars of Force and Fire!"? cross the arms in the sign of Osiris risen, ?And in the secret center dwells the Ruach El Chai, The Living Breath of God?.

Repeat the Kabalistic cross.

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Ritual Of The Double Pentagram
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