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 The Magick Circle Forums Rules

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PostSubject: The Magick Circle Forums Rules   The Magick Circle Forums Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 2:23 pm

The rules for our site are very simple and easy to use and understand, and are for everyone's protection as also making the site enjoyable and a good place to visit. Remember that this is your site so please let's respect and protect it. Obscenity, Indecency and, Profanity, Spamming, Profiling, Flaming and, Trolling will not be allowed. Any member openly exhibiting Any of these types of behaviors can expect a reprimand and a possible suspension or banning with no questions asked.

Profanity: profanity on forums is considered unprofessional and offensive to many. Sometimes it is harmless, but it often creates a negative or hostile environment, can signal sexual harassment, and lead to violence.

Forum spam: Is the posting of unwanted advertisements, abusive, or unwanted messages on Internet forums. Advertising in your signature or posting at the info sites Section about it is fine.

Profiling: Is the inclusion of racial or ethnic characteristics in determining whether a person is considered likely to commit a particular type of crime or an illegal act or to behave in a "predictable" manner.

No Flaming: Antagonistic, slanderous, racist, or sexist comments will not be tolerated

No pornography (linking to or directly posting any media containing nudity or sex)

What is a troll: An obnoxious user or member on a forum that goes out of their way to make pointless, offensive, or annoying posts and messages. Often these users are labeled as spammers and will post random off-topic junk in many sections of a forum. A troll is not: someone with an opinion that is different from you. Someone that does not like something that you do not.

How to deal with these types of behaviors: Do not feed them -- ignore them and alert the Administrative and Site Moderating Staff.

Please understand that the decisions of the Administrative and Site Moderating Staff are Final. The Administrative and Site Moderating Staff reserve the right to delete any topic, or post deemed unacceptable, also to edit any offensive language out of a post, and the decisions of the Administrative and Site Moderating Staff are Final.

There is an edit button to stop double and triple posts, so please use it.

Rule 1) Agree to disagree: Respect each others opinions and thoughts. You don't have to agree with what each other has to say or believe, but respect others' opinions and they will respect yours. While debating and discussion are fine, rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts will not be tolerated. No open fighting, flaming or negative comments to each other. Also no baiting!

Rule 2) This is a magick based site and has many subjects of varied interests. We are all here to share thoughts and ideas. Please, no roleplayers.

Rule 3) Please do not post in what is not considered normal writing. Please remember that English is the language used here. Do not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (eg.!and ? for example) either in topic titles or posts. Text speak is not allowed (txt spk, rly, r u, 4, for example. Multiple or repeated postings to increase post count is not allowed. Please try to post in more than one word posts. A few along in appropriate places is fine, but not in a serious discussion. This tends to create disharmony. If you are not sure of what your response to a thread will do, please contact the Administrative or Site Moderating Teams.

Rule 4) The job of an Administrator or Site Moderator is never an easy one. It is our job to bring a fine balance between free reigning anarchy and censorship. Luckly, most of the time, the general membership understands this, and takes pains to not cross the line to the place where the staff has to take drastic measures. However, once in a while it does happen. As members of the Administrative and Site Moderating Staff, it is our job to keep an eye out for inappropriate behavior, which must be dealt with, either/or by discussion with the offending member or more formal disciplinarian actions, whichever is deemed the most appropriate. Repeated offenses will not be tolerated and will end in suspension of privileges, and/or banishment from the site. Some words have 'red flag' value, words that contain a strong emotional value, or an inflammatory one. As some of our members are quite young, so we must take great care and personal responsibility, to not post things that may offend anyone.

Rule 5) Any Warnings or Moderations may not be disputed or discussed on the open forum by any member. Please use the private messaging system, only, to contact a member of the Administrative Staff or Site Moderatoring Staff to discuss this matter. Your request will be taken under advisement by the Site Staff. Once a decision has been reached, it will be Final. Any further discussion could end in suspension or banning.

Rule 6) All rules of the site also include the private messaging system as well as well as the chat. Any member reported to violate any of the rules through the private messaging system or the chat will be suspended or banned.

If you're not familiar with how forum communities in general work, or are just unsure of the specifics of this one, please, by all means, lurk for a while and observe how things go. But basically, if you follow ye olde 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' concept, things should be just fine. Or, another way you could look at that one is that if something you're about to post would annoy you, don't post it.

Have fun and enjoy your time here. We are a very open and friendly group who gladly welcome others as an important part of the site. We try to provide a safe, family oriented, positive atmosphere where you can feel free to share and express your thoughts and ideas in a open positive environment.

The Magick Circle Forums Rules Loyaltykm2
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The Magick Circle Forums Rules
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